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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Free SMS India

New Android app posted on android market

Point your QR scanner here:

Send Unlimited Free Sms using ur Android Phone
Free Sms India is an application which allows you to send free sms to any mobile number in INDIA.
No need to pay a single penny for the same.
Very Simple GUI to avoid confusions.
GPRS data usage at minimum as all the heavy processing is handled on an external server.
Currently way2sms , fullonsms and site2sms gateway is supported. More gateways to be added soon.
All you need to start with the app is a registration to any of the supported gateways.
Delivers SMS in seconds !!
If you need any changes in the app contact me at
i'll Try my best to have those changes done for you...Njoy!


  1. How or where to register in=oreder to send SMS? always give error wrong user-password

  2. can you paste the link fr the website where we need to register to start using this application

  3. @Anonymous :- You need to register first through the gateway that you're supposed to use. e.g. If you wish to use a gateway, make sure you'have an account already setup there. To do this, logon to (or any gateway, adding a .com as postfix will do else google it!) & signup there. Then open the app, and sign-in! Revert to for any query!