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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Grab the new 1.7v !! Much awaited Groups feature is here!!

1.7v has the following features:

1.Added Groups Feature.
2.Changed the UI a bit.
3.Added Character Limits for various gateways.

Upgrade now :)


  1. Really Cool UI.. :)
    Keep rocking buddy..

  2. Great app mahn use it 1000 times a day but I liked the black and white combination more than the newer
    maybe u could do themes:P

  3. Is there some problem with way2sms? My messages are not getting delivered on time or are not getting delivered at all!

  4. There is a bug in v 1.7.3. says upgrade to 1.7.2 as a newer version.
    Rectify this asap since it shows up after every single msg is sent.
    Btw I love ur app... Keep going...

  5. Yeah, that as well. I love this app too but, my messages don't seem to be delivered when I send them to national numbers. Local sms is fine but, sometimes late delivery.

  6. Move to sd card and u r the best and most clever

  7. Hey Mayank,

    How you doing?

    I used the Android app developed by you. Its wonderful.

    It was so irresistible that it made me write a review of it on my site

    here is the link:

    You can share it with app users as it might be useful :)

    great job dear friend, keep it going..


  8. is it available for symbian too?

  9. bug: signature overites in case any link is to be shared via free sms app...

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